Lumberjack BBQ Wood Pellets

pellet page 3We are a proud dealer of Lumberjack Brand BBQ wood pellets. Locally made in NW Wisconsin.
These pellets contain no fillers.

We are dealer of Lumberjack Brand BBQ wood pellets.

Using these wood pellets in your Louisiana Pellet Grills and Traeger Grill gives your food a great flavorful smoked taste!


Wood smoking BBQ pellet flavors include:

  • OHC Blend (Oak, Hickory, Cherry)
  • MHC Blend (Maple, Hickory, Cherry)
  • Sweetwood Blend (Beech, Maple, Cherry)
  • Timberline Blend (Maple, Oak, Cherry)
  • Fruitwood Blend (Apple, Cherry)
  • 100% Apple
  • 100% Alder
  • 100% Beech
  • 100% Pecan
  • 100% Mesquite
  • 100% Hickory
  • 100% Maple
  • 100% Oak
  • 100% Cherry
  • Apple Blend
  • Hickory Blend
  • Mesquite Blend
  • Pecan Blend
  • Beech Blend


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